Calling All Webcast Listeners and Sermon Readers

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The 2014 Every Member Canvass is in its sixth week. One of the goals of this year’s Canvass is to increase the number of EMC supporters. Since 2007 the EMC has annually had between 666 and 703 pledges. We should have many more. Keeping Saint Thomas financially strong through pledging is the privilege and responsibility of all who worship in the church and participate through the web. Our webcasts make Anglican liturgy available to many who would otherwise have no access to it.

  • In 2012, people visited our website more than 300,000 times, up from 138,000 times in 2009.
  • In 2012, 33% of website traffic came from the NYC Metro area, 48% from the rest of the United States (all 50 states and the District of Columbia) and 19% from people in 173 different countries.
  • More people listen to webcasts (live plus on-demand) of our liturgies than are able to attend in person.

Our growing website is possible only because of support from the church’s operating budget. Please do your part to keep our ministry, both in the church and on the web, strong by supporting the 2014 Canvass.