Theology Update for the Week of November 17

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Dear friends in Christ

In the week of November 17, we have classes on Job and Mary Poppins and Aquinas:

Job: chapters 22-24, the 3rd and final speech of Eliphaz, and Job’s response. This class meets on Sundays at 10 a.m. on the 5th floor, and then is repeated on Thursdays at 12:40 p.m. on the 2nd floor. Newcomers are being welcomed every week. With each speech, something new is added to the argument. (In this current week, it was Zophar’s emphasis on hearing, and a question of shame. There was also Job’s insistence that it does not make sense to punish children for the sins of their fathers, in which case we have a problem when a wicked person lives a long life and seems happy!) Do join us if you can on November 17 or November 21.

Mary Poppins: This Monday evening, November 18, from 6:15 to 7:45 p.m. in Andrew Hall. If you read the book, you’re welcome to the conversation. As is the custom for “Good Books and Good Talk,” I will ask a question, and then the conversation proceeds. So you need to have read the book to participate. But there’s no need to bring a parrot, or an umbrella, or a parrot umbrella.

Aquinas: Wednesday, November 20, from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.: This week we will read Summa theologiae I, question 13, articles 3-5, which you can find here. Unlike the Monday seminar, for this reading group no advance reading is necessary.

If you haven’t yet joined the Aquinas reading group, this might be a particularly good week to do so. The topic is one that is “hot” in theological circles today, and in liturgical experiments with God language. Often it is said, “All talk about God is metaphor.” Aquinas couldn’t disagree more. He agrees there are metaphors (“A mighty fortress is our God” is a metaphor), but there are also things to say about God that are literally true (“God is not a rock,” “God is the creator of that rock,” “God is wise”). If you join me next Wednesday, you can work through the actual text with the class and get a first-hand grasp of Aquinas’s reasoning.

Note that the Aquinas class will not meet on the following Wednesday (Nov. 27), but will meet on the first two Wednesdays of December.