Saint Michael and All Angels

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Angels were beings that surrounded Jesus throughout his life; from his birth, ministry, temptations, resurrection, and ascension these supernatural figures were inexorably bound up in the life of our Lord. This Sunday we commemorate Saint Michael the archangel and all of God’s heavenly host who look after us just as they did His Son.

The concept and function of angels is difficult to grasp in the modern age and yet, paradocialy, people are more and more fascinated with spiritual beings. It is easy to lump angels in with other mythical creatures like vampires or fairies. Fr Turner, in his weekly message for the week of September 28, makes a few helpful points on how we can better understand these mystical creatures.

  • Angels have names and specific tasks that they perform like the archaengels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.
  • They are often unrecognizeable in the Bible unless they appear in dreams; take for example Abraham feeding three angels without realizing what they were.
  • They are creatures that, like humnas, live in community.

We invite you to explore our service schedule from September the 28 and to worship with us on future Sundays. You can listen to webcasts of of bothe the 11am Eucharist and the 4pm Evensong, linked below.

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