Theology Update for the Week of July 5

Dear friends in Christ,

Sunday at 10am, the ultimate class on The Mystery of Reading Scripture. Father Daniels and I will look back over the main points of our study that we started (it hardly seems this long ago) on May 10. The text is not a husk that contains meaning; all Scripture is about Christ; to “get” Scripture is something like “getting” a joke; Scripture’s words are players, and its structure is musical; Scripture, about Christ, is thus about us and can teach us how to live today. This would be a good review, we think, for anyone who came to any of the classes, and it would also be a good class for anyone coming to the class for the first time. We will meet on the third floor, in Andrew Hall, and we’ll have coffee and tea in the room.

Monday at 12:40pm and lasting for 40 minutes, I will repeat the Sunday class for anyone who wants to come then. This class is on the 2nd floor.

On Sunday, July 12, a new class will begin on The 39 Articles of Religion. They’re in the Prayer Book, but seldom read. What are they? What is their continuing importance? This class will go for several weeks on Sundays at 10am and be repeated on Mondays at 12:40pm.

Then on Monday, July 13, from 6:15 to 7:45 p.m. in Andrew Hall, “Hamlet” will be discussed.

And in other news: Here are words I thought I’d never say. Yours truly has begun . . . tweeting. Not too often, but still, I’m there. If you want to (ahem) “follow” me, I’m @victorleeaustin.

Blessings to you on Independence Day,
Father Austin