Theology Update for the Week of October 4

Dear friends in Christ,

If you missed the fall theology lecture last evening, or would like to hear it again, it is accesible here on our website. Dr. Hogan gave us a very substantive look into the 2nd book of Esdras: its origins, its shape, and its various “episodes” or “visions.” She also had some lovely, light tidbits, for instance, that this book influenced Christopher Columbus! In the question period we learned that, sometime in the 800s, a page of the manuscript was ripped out (because, it is presumed, that page contained a prohibition of praying for the dead). The defective manuscript was copied for years – centuries – and only in the 1800s was the missing page discovered!

Our website has the audio for all of our theology lectures, going back to the first one given by John Polkinghorne. We still get “hits” for them, and you might want to see what’s there of possible interest for yourself.

Classes This Week

Sunday, the Articles of Religion:I will start with Article XX on the church, and go on to the authority of the church in matters of doctrine and ceremony. Here the Articles state some truths that are as fundamental to Anglican self-understanding today as they were in the 16th century. The class is on the 5th floor at 10 o’clock.
Monday, I will repeat the Sunday class at 12:40pm on the 2nd
floor. The class lasts 40 minutes.

Tuesday, Faith Within Reason: We’ll look at chapter 4 of McCabe’s book, a short chapter on “Why God?”, in which the author makes some references to a fictional personage known as Lady Macbeth and tries to unpack the idea that God “gives meaning” to our lives. Newcomers are welcome: Andrew Hall from 6:30 to 7:30pm on October 6.

And looking ahead: the final seminar in the Shakespearean “tragic series” will be on “King Lear” on Monday, October 19. If you read the play, you’re welcome to the seminar, which will begin at 6:15pm.

Father Austin