Theology Update for the Week of November 1

Dear friends in Christ,

This coming week I will be away, but I leave you in good hands. On Sunday, November 1, there will be a special class at 10 o’clock (on the fifth floor; that’s 10 o’clock Standard Time). Father Daniels will give an overview of the recent and historic agreement between Anglican and Oriental Orthodox Christians on the incarnation of Christ and the “procession” of the Holy Spirit. This “agreed statement on Christology,” published last month in North Wales, will now need to be received by the various churches involved. What does the statement affirm, and why is the agreement historic? I hope you will be able to join the class.

A link to a news article announcing the agreement is here. A link to the text itself is here.

There will be no weekday classes this coming week.

Looking Ahead

On Sunday, November 8, I will resume our study of the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religionwith Article 26 on the unworthiness of ministers. An opportunity for humility! That will be on Sunday at 10am, and I will repeat the class on Monday, November 9, at 12:40pm.

And then on Tuesday, November 10, Professor Jeremy Waldron will join me for a four-week course on Oliver O’Donovan’s book On the Thirty-Nine Articles. I’m very much looking forward to being with Jeremy again–as you will be also, if you have ever had the pleasure of being in one of his classes. This book is a commentary that O’Donovan wrote as a “conversation with Tudor Christianity.” It’s not so much about what the 39 Articles say as it is an inquiry into the theological topics they bring up. What makes it such a fine book is the quality of O’Donovan’s mind–for it is with very good reason that O’Donovan is esteemed as a great Anglican moral theologian of our time.

Just in case you’re wondering: The Tuesday course will be independent of the Sunday class, and we will not expect that you have been to the other. This will stand on its own–and I trust be worth your time. We will meet at 6:30 p.m. in Andrew Hall; the first session will be on the introduction and chapters 1 and 2. These are on faith in God and Christ, and the passion and triumph of Christ.

Finally, on Monday, November 16, the Good Books & Good Talk seminar will discuss Walker Percy’s Lost in the Cosmos, the ultimate send-up of self-help books. Anyone who reads the book is welcome to the seminar. Why read this book? The author promises to explain: “How you can survive in the Cosmos about which you know more and more while knowing less and less about yourself, this despite 10,000 self-help books, 100,000 psychotherapists, and 100 million fundamentalist Christians.”

Father Austin