The 2016 Every Member Canvass is in its fifth week

In celebration of the support we have received from pledging parishioners, the Committee invites you to a special Coffee Hour in Andrew Hall immediately following the 11am service on Sunday, November 1. 2016 EMC Committee members have shopped and baked to provide you with goodies during this special time we have together after the service. If you have not yet pledged, today is the perfect time to join our many loyal parishioners who have pledged their support to Saint Thomas in the coming year. The operating budget supports the generous outreach that has always been an integral part of Saint Thomas. In addition to the Choir School and the Soup Kitchen, Saint Thomas sets aside money for emergencies both in the US and throughout the world. This year our emergency funding has supported victims of the Nepal earthquake and the refuge crisis. Saint Thomas also contributed to Bishop Dietsche’s appeal for the rebuilding of the African-American churches that were burned this past summer.

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