The Father John Andrew Memorial Candlesticks

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Progress on the candlesticks being made in memory of Father John Andrew is going very well. Historical Arts and Casting Inc. of Utah, are specialists in the art of casting architectural and ornamental metal objects. Their family business began 43 years ago with the restoration of the ZCMI Department Store’s cast-iron façade in Salt Lake City, Utah. This was one of the first cast-iron restorations in the country and three brothers; David, Richard and Robert worked with their father, Stephen, a restoration architect. Since then they have led the field nationally and with international recognition. Recommended to Saint Thomas Church by Dennis Collier Jr, the master carpenter working on the new Miller-Scott organ case, the Baird family has worked on this project since Christmas.

Below are some photographs of the candlesticks being made from the making of molds to the casting with molten bronze. The color of the new candlesticks has been selected carefully to match the existing 100-year-old pair.

The Vestry are very grateful to a number of parishioners and friends of Father Andrew, including Bishop John O’Hara who was with Father Andrew the night he collapsed, for their generosity in funding this small project from personal gifts.

Father Andrew adorned Saint Thomas Church with beautiful furnishings and the glories of the liturgy and music for which it is still renowned. He had, happily, discussed the use of six candles at the High Altar with the Rector during one of his regular meetings with him in his first months here in 2014. The candlesticks will, therefore, be a fitting memorial to him and sit alongside the exquisite textiles he had commissioned during his time as XI Rector.

It is hoped that the candlesticks will be ready in time for the Easter Vigil.

Photos of the casting process of the Father John Andrew Memorial Candlesticks