Announcement of new call and news about classes

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Dear friends in Christ,

Earlier this week I signed a letter of agreement to become the Theologian-in-residence at the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas and the Church of the Incarnation in Dallas. I will also have the title of Canon Theologian of that diocese. This agreement takes effect September 1.

Accordingly, I have resigned as Theologian-in-residence of Saint Thomas Church effective July 1. My last Sunday is likely to be June 19.

Such a step as this comes with quite a mixture of emotions. Theology — our love of God, our trying to know God better and to understand our faith — has drawn us together. And now, come summer, we will be separated. These are hard things. But there is also an almost incomprehensible amount to be thankful for. And, to state the obvious, I will continue teaching here for another couple of months. One very important moment will come when my memoir, Losing Susan: Brain Disease, the Priest’s Wife, and the God Who Gives and Takes Away, arrives from the publisher (we hope before Memorial Day, but certainly by mid-June).

I will ever be grateful for the opportunity to serve as Theologian-in-residence at Saint Thomas Church for what will have been, in sum, eleven and a half years.
. . .

Now to news about classes. The collects of the Book of Common Prayer: This class has two more sessions. We will start with Proper 22 and do most of the remaining Sunday collects (appointed for the fall Sundays) in the next class, and then the final week we will complete them and I will have some review and commentary on the collects overall. The class is offered twice each week: on Sundays at 10 o’clock on the 5th floor, and then on Mondays at 12:40pm on the 2nd floor. Each class lasts 40-45 minutes.

Tuesday, April 19, the Rector’s Christian doctrine classwill be on “Relationships: Holy Matrimony and the Church’s response to changing lifestyles.” This class is in Andrew Hall at 6:30 p.m.

Looking ahead: The next Good Books & Good Talk seminar will be on Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, on Monday, May 16, at 6:15 p.m. There is hardly a book more quintessentially American than this novel, which as the same time rises to be an extended parable of human life.

. . .

An on-demand webcast of Dr. Neil Arner’s spring theology lecture, “Biological and Theological Explanations of Morality,” is now posted.

Father Austin