The Windows of Saint Thomas Church by Julie Sloan

A new book has been published about our stained glass windows for purchase on this website and in the Saint Thomas Church Bookstore. You can purhase the book online here. The book is 160 pages witheach window presented as a full color plate, academic essays on the history of Saint Thomas’ stained-glass windows and their recent restoration.

The cost of the book is $35 plus $5.00 shipping and handling.

The stained-glass windows of Saint Thomas Church Fifth Avenue were created between 1927 and 1974. The iconographic scheme was developed by Roelif H. Brooks, IX Rector, and Whitefriars’ artist James H. Hogan. It is one of the largest ensembles of Whitefriars’ work in the United States.

The project to restore the stained glass windows in Saint Thomas Church began in 2007. Through the re-installation of the final window in 2016, over 10,000 square feet of leaded glass passed through the hands of twelve stained glass studios around the country. The restoration project included over a half million pieces of glass depicting Jesus, saints, angels, prophets, ministers, a pope, scientists, doctors, nurses, politicians, musicians, altruists of every stripe, devils, animals, and many white-cowled friars (signature of James Powell & Sons, Whitefriars, London). Dozens of architects, consultants, scaffolders, masons, and construction workers were involved in the project as well.