The T. Tertius Noble Centennial Choristership

The T. Tertius Noble Centennial Choristership: This year we celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of the opening of the Choir School on March 3, 1919. Today there are only two church-affiliated residential boys’ choir schools in the English speaking world and it is an important milestone for both the church and the school that the Choir School can successfully fulfill its mission one hundred years after it was founded. This is a tribute to our three founders, The Reverend Ernest Stires, Dr. T. Tertius Noble and Mr. Charles Steele and to the entire Saint Thomas Community whose support has been so important. Please help ensure that this vision continues for future generations of boys through a gift to the T. Tertius Noble Choristership. You can read the T. Tertius Noble Centennial Choristership brochure and donate to the Choristership below.