Nominating Committee Announcement

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Notice to Parishioners

In accordance with the by-laws of Saint Thomas Church, the annual election for church wardens and vestry members shall be held on the first Tuesday after the first Sunday in Advent. This year the election will be held on November 30, 2021. As in 2020, there will be an online ballot sent to all qualified voters. Parishioners without email can request a paper ballot by calling the Parish House. According to the by-laws, “Persons of full age belonging to the Parish, who have been baptized, and are regular attendants at its worship and contributors to its support for at least twelve months prior to an election, shall be qualified voters.”

Eligibility and Service

Vestry candidates must be communicant members of Saint Thomas Church, attend services regularly, and recorded contributors to Saint Thomas Church and Choir School. Election is a three-year commitment, and at the end of three years, members may stand for re-election. After serving two consecutive three-year terms, members rotate off the Vestry for at least one year before being eligible to stand for re-election. This year there are four openings for the Vestry.  Wardens serve two-year terms and may have up to 4 terms.  This year there is one opening for Warden.


The Nominating Committee is now soliciting suggestions from parishioners and will meet to review them. Please understand that not all those suggested will be put on the ballot. The Nominating Committee is tasked with selecting candidates who best meet the current needs of the Vestry, needs that vary from election to election depending on the current Vestry members and their expertise. For instance, one year the Vestry might need a new member with investment experience, while the next year there could be a need for someone with architectural knowledge. If your suggestion does not make it onto the ballot this year, please don’t be discouraged or take it as a rejection for the future. Once the Nominating Committee has assembled a ballot, candidates will be notified. The members of the Nominating Committee are: Kazie Metzger Harvey, Warden & Chair of the Committee; Jay Sterling; Edith Morrill; Anne Kelly Treantafeles; and Pamela Zonsius. Kenneth Koen is the alternate member.

Please send any suggestions to Kazie Harvey at by October 1, 2021 or sooner. Including a resume or bio would be helpful. Further, please make sure any suggested person would be willing to serve.