Saint Thomas Choir School

The Reverend Charles F. Wallace, Headmaster

Founded in 1919, Saint Thomas Choir School is the only church affiliated boarding choir school in the United States. Its mission—established by Saint Thomas Church—unites three great traditions: music, education and Christian community.

The Choir School is for boys in grades three through eight. All boys stay at the school through the school year, which runs from early September to early June. The school offers a challenging pre-preparatory curriculum, inter-scholastic sports, and, of course, musical training. An average class size of eight students ensures each boy individual attention both in the classroom and out.

The 30 to 40 boys who each year attend Saint Thomas Choir School not only live, study and work together as part of a community of learning, but also sing together as professional members of the world-class choir of Saint Thomas Church.

The boys of the Choir School are key players and participants in a rich and living tradition—a tradition of education, sacred music and Christian worship—that traces its roots far back through the centuries. The boys of Saint Thomas Choir School, in short, are both beneficiaries of and contributors to one of the great streams of Western culture and learning.

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