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Saint Thomas Church is located at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Fifty-third Street. There are two entrances: the church entrance along Fifth Avenue, and the Parish House entrance at 1 West 53rd Street, which is immediately to the west of the church.

Enter the Fifth Avenue church doors for:

Enter the Parish House door at 1 West 53rd Street for:


The Fifth Avenue church doors are open 365 days a year. Typically, the doors are open:

  • Monday-Friday from approximately 7:30am until 6:30pm
  • Saturday mornings and afternoons (hours vary week to week)
  • Sunday (September – May) from 7am until 6pm
  • Sunday (Summer) from 7am until 1pm

Hours are subject to change depending on scheduled events, federal holidays, and other considerations, such as inclement weather. The church doors are almost always open at least two hours per day around the noon hour, and usually much closer to ten or twelve hours a day. Check the calendar for hours on a particular date.

Tours of Saint Thomas

Guided tours occur on most, but not all, Sunday afternoons following the 11am Choral Eucharist, usually starting at about 12:30pm. Check the calendar for dates, keeping in mind that Sunday tours are added to the calendar a month in advance. If no tour is on the calendar for a particular Sunday, it is usually because some other activity is scheduled in the church which prevents a tour from occurring.

You are invited to visit our magnificent house of worship any time our doors are open. If you come while a worship service is in progress, please join us. If you come between services, you may walk around the church, take photos, avail yourself of the self-guided tour pamphlets (which you can find immediately inside the Fifth Avenue doors), or simply sit and pray. Whenever you visit, we ask only that you respect Saint Thomas as a house of God and as a place of prayer and worship.

If you would like to arrange for a guided tour to occur on a weekday, please email us to arrange a time.

Our Open Doors

We open the doors to the church 365 days a year not only because we have at least one worship service every day, but also because we know the people of our great city need a place in the middle of midtown to sit in peace, to pray, and to approach the altar of the Lord. Our doors remain open not so that you have a way to escape the world, but so that you may be well within it. We invite you to come inside, whenever you want, and to stay for as long as our doors are open. See daily hours here.

You may want to pray on your own, or to have a look around on your own, and that is good. We won’t bother you if you want to keep things quiet and simple. On the other hand, you might want to speak with someone, to ask questions, or to have someone to help you pray. That’s good, too. We’re available to do that, if you want.

In between worship services, especially on Mondays through Thursdays, there is frequently someone available in the nave of the church who you can speak with, and pray with, even if you show up unannounced. When someone is available, a sign is posted near the entrance to the center aisle inside the church. This sign tells you who is there to speak with you. If you want to be sure in advance that someone is available to speak with you, email us to schedule an appointment.


There are stairs (but no ramp) at the Fifth Avenue entrance to the church. However, there is indeed a ramp along the side of the church on 53rd Street. Simply enter the Parish House door at One West 53rd Street and we’ll help you. If you know in advance that you are coming for a worship service, concert, recital or any other activity, and you need any assistance whatsoever, do not hesistate to let us know so that we can be sure to meet you at the entrance along 53rd street.

New, streamlined rules have been put in place to allow parishioners easy access to Saint Thomas Church during major parades and other events on Sundays. For all major parades parishioners should approach the Church from 53rd street. Both east & west bound.


Saint Thomas has neither a parking lot nor any dedicated parking spaces on the street. We advise arriving on foot, by subway or bus, or by taxi. Driving to Saint Thomas can of course be hampered by heavy traffic in midtown, but the real hurdle in driving is finding a place to park. Midtown Manhattan is typically quite busy, street parking can be scarce, especially on weekdays, and parking garages are expensive. That said, there is indeed a parking garage on 53rd Street between 5th and 6th Avenues, less than a block from Saint Thomas.


Very close:
to 5th Avenue/53rd Street

A few blocks away:
to 7th Avenue/53rd Street
to Rockefeller Center

A few more blocks away:
to 5th Avenue/59th Street
to 50th Street/Broadway
to 51st Street


M1, M2, M3, M4, and M5 stop south bound along Fifth Avenue
M1, M2, M3 and M4 all stop north-bound along Madison Avenue
M5 and M7 stop north-bound along Sixth Avenue
M50 stops east-bound along 50th Street; west-bound along 49th Street