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Saint Thomas Church
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General Inquiries

Email: Worship services & service times
You might first consider looking at the calendar and clicking on the date you want information about. The information you seek may already be there.

Email: Ministerial inquiries
Emails are answered on a timely basis during regular operating hours. If you have an emergency, please call the front desk at 212.757.7013.

Email: Weddings & funerals
If you simply need to know when a wedding or funeral that has already been scheduled will occur, please contact the verger instead.

Email: All other general inquiries
Please see the list below. There might be a specific office you can email to address a specific issue.

Christian Formation

Email: Baptism, youth confirmation & programs for children

Email: Adult confirmation

Email: Adult education



Email: Friends of Music, Concert Series & tickets
Consider first looking at the Friends of Music and Concerts pages on this website.

Email: Sunday Organ Recital Series

Email: Music listings and all other inquiries


Email: Pledges, Annual Appeal
You may find information about all of these matters in the Giving section of this website


Email: Books and other items in our bookstore
Bookstore hours are generally on Sundays after the 11am and 4pm services, and on Mondays from 11am-3pm. To see books used in current theology classes, visit the classes page in the theology section.

Website & Webcasts

Email: Audio webcasts
Unfortunately, we are unable to advise listeners on problems related to individual computer equipment, software, settings, connectivity, and/or other components. The streaming audio available for worship services is typically provided at or near CD quality. However, quality and availability of live webcasts and on-demand audio may vary based on the listener’s individual system environment.

Email: All other website inquiries
The Saint Thomas Website is updated with new information weekly, and new tools and functionality are added regularly. We are delighted to answer your questions about the website.