Thursday, April 1, 2010

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Maundy Thursday

Solemn Eucharist ID: 76201; 3 pers.; 4 prog.; [169 words]
12:10 PM

Maundy Thursday This relatively austere Eucharist will be familiar to those who attend the 9am Eucharist on Sunday mornings. Its tone is reflective and penitential. If you find yourself in the neighborhood, please do come in, as it will help you enter into the wonder and truth of this most holy of weeks. The service...

The Solemn Liturgy of Maundy Thursday ID: 76203; 4 pers.; 11 prog.; [945 words]
5:30 PM

Service details:  This first of the three great liturgies of the triduum is, itself, a service with many distinct parts. The service begins like any other Solemn Eucharist at Saint Thomas. The choir and clergy are led in procession by a thurifer and acolytes carrying crosses and torches as all join in the singing of...

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