Wednesday, March 19, 2014

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Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

Lesser Feasts and Fasts describes what little we know of Joseph in this way:

In the face of circumstances that distressed even a man of such tenderness and obedience to God as Joseph, he accepted the vocation of  protecting Mary and being a father to Jesus. He is honored in Christian tradition for the nurturing care and protection he provided for the infant Jesus and his mother in taking them to Egypt to escape Herod’s slaughter of the innocents, and in rearing him as a faithful Jew at Nazareth. The Gospel according to Matthew pictures Joseph as a man of deep devotion, open to mystical experiences, and as a man of compassion, who accepted his God-given responsibility with gentleness and humility.

Joseph was a pious Jew, a descendant of David, and a carpenter by trade. As Joseph the Carpenter, he is considered the patron saint of the working man, one who not only worked with his hands, but taught his trade to Jesus. The little that is told of him is a testimony to the trust in God which values simple everyday duties, and gives an example of a loving husband and father.

O God, who from the family of thy servant David didst raise up Joseph to be the guardian of thy incarnate Son and the spouse of his virgin mother: Give us grace to imitate his uprightness of life and his obedience to thy commands; through the same thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord, who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Morning Prayer & Holy Eucharist ID: 82819; 2 pers.; 8 prog.; [11 words]
8:00 AM

Fr Mead talks about Saint Joseph is his weekly audio message.

Holy Eucharist ID: 82820; 2 pers.; 4 prog.; [11 words]
12:10 PM

Fr Mead talks about Saint Joseph is his weekly audio message.

Overeaters Anonymous ID: 82821; [5 words]
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

This 12-step group meets weekly.

Festal Eucharist ID: 82822; 6 pers.; 7 prog.; [11 words]
5:30 PM

Sung by the Saint Thomas Choir of Men and Boys.

Spring Theology Lecture: Should a Christian Sell Everything? ID: 82823; [155 words]
6:30 PM

Dr Stephen Hildebrand, Professor of Theology at Franciscan University, Steubenville, Ohio, gives us insights from the early Church.

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