Basic Christianity: Four Weeks on Four Foundational Questions

Tuesday, November 15, 2011
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm


This class looks at key chapters of Herbert McCabe’s God Matters on basic questions of creation, freedom, evil and God’s involvement with the world. 

Tonight’s class takes up the topic of “Freedom.” If you want, you can get some background to what Fr Austin will say in Herbert McCabe’s God Matters, chapter 2 (on freedom). The question here is twofold. First, the task is to see that the mystery of God as creator means that God must be the cause of free actions. (It is wrong-headed to think of God “stepping back” to allow us to be free; God is not some sort of being who could either interfere or get out of the way.) Then second, faith comes into the picture with its claim that God has spoken to us in many ways but preeminently in his Word made flesh. What does that mean for our creatureliness? We will try to “see” how the claim that God speaks to us means that God is not merely our creator … he is also one who loves us, who (thus) makes it possible for us to be more than merely creatures.