Festal Eucharist

Thursday, April 25, 2013
5:30 PM


Above: The reredos of Saint Thomas Church places the four Evangelists to the left and right of the empty cross. Matthew and Mark (pictured above) are to the left of St Peter (who is immediately to the left of the cross), and Luke and John are to the right of St Paul (who is immediately to the right of the cross). The words inscribed on the scroll in Mark’s hand are written in Greek, and can be translated “the Gospel according to Mark.” Read more about Mark by clicking on the red words above the picture.

This evening, in lieu of Choral Evensong, we have a weekday Festal Eucharist for Saint Mark. All baptized Christians are invited to rail for Holy Communion. The order of service is somewhat similar to the Sunday 9am Sung Eucharist, with some variations. Please see the service card posted to the bottom of this page.

‚ñ∫Fr Mead speaks about Saint Mark and his “courage problem” in his weekly audio message.