Tuesday, December 8, 2009
7:30 PM


Tuesday, December 8 & Thursday, December 10 at 7:30 pm.
Tickets still available for purchase at the Door which opens at 6:30 pm. Door accepts only cash or check for all ticket and CD sales

No work of sacred choral music has won the hearts of audiences and performers like Handel’s Messiah. Since its 1742 premiere, Messiah has been a centerpiece of Christmas and Easter celebrations around the world. At Saint Thomas, it is a much-loved Christmas tradition. The New Yorker notes that “The Saint Thomas Choir offers a Messiah of impeccable musicality and taste.” In her review entitled King of Annual Oratorios in Kingly Style, New York Times music critic Vivien Schweitzer writes:

“The annual Saint Thomas version (of Messiah) is a king among the innumerable performances in New York, admired for the pure sound of the Saint Thomas Choir of Men and Boys and the spirited playing of Concert Royal, a period-instrument ensemble.”

We invite you to herald the joyous holiday season with a performance of Messiah in the glorious setting of Saint Thomas Church Fifth Avenue.