The Rector’s Christian Doctrine Class: Pilgrims on The Way

Tuesday, April 17, 2018
6:30 PM


A systematic treatment of the essentials of the Christian faith, as received through the Catholic heritage of Anglicanism within the Episcopal Church.

The Rector’s Christian Doctrine Class is offered from January to May. The class is especially designed for those who want to be confirmed or received into the Episcopal Church, but it is also for anyone who is interested in learning more about Christ and about the doctrine and traditions of the Church, as we’ve received them.

This year’s class will reflect our journey as pilgrims on The Way ‚Äì before the Church was ever called church, before the community of Jesus was ever called Christian, the Acts of the Apostles in the Bible simply identified the movement of those who followed Jesus as The Way. Our Christian faith formation is the ongoing growth of this movement created by Jesus over 2000 years ago ‚Äì the Jesus Movement!
Each class session begins at 6:30pm and lasts about an hour, and all are welcome to attend Evensong before the class. Light refreshments will be provided during the class.

Tonight’s topic is Mission and Ministry: Vocation, Ordination, and the mission of the Church.

Besides this class, there are many other ways to learn about Christ and his Church. We encourage you to worship with us, study and pray with us, and make yourself known to us. Our doors are open 365 days a year (at least one Mass is offered every day) and you can contact us anytime if you are interested in learning more.

David Daniel, evangelism coordinator