Support Saint Thomas

Saint Thomas needs your financial support.

Maintaining an educationally outstanding choir school and a vibrant church in the middle of Manhattan is an expensive proposition. The church and choir school both continue to make deeply felt cuts to their budgets, indeed cuts upon cuts for the last several years, because pledges and plate donations, even in a recordbreaking year, still cover only 15% of the annual operating budget. We are forced to take the remainder from our invested funds, which are being drawn down at an unsustainable rate.

Please give generously. The gifts you make to your church in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ are like no other gifts you make. Imagine your life without this parish. Imagine New York City without it.

Whether you are a longtime parishioner, a newcomer, a friend of the parish, someone who comes in to sit and pray in the middle of a weekday afternoon, someone who worships via the webcasts in the south of France or in South Korea, we need your support regardless of who you are and where you live.

On this website, you can read about several opportunities to give:

  • The Capital Campaign for the replacement of the great organ and the restoration of the stained glass windows, projects which ensure that as we keep our doors open every day a year to the world, we can shine forth the glory of God through the Anglican tradition and our unique choral heritage.
  • And of course we welcome those who can give their time through various outreach initiatives, ranging from the Soup Kitchen to the knitting of prayer shawls.
    • It is easy to pledge online on our secure website. If you'd like to learn more about online transactions conducted online, feel free to read our privacy and shipping policies. If you have any questions, please email: Ann Hall Kaplan; you can also call her at 212 757-7013, ex. 414.

    Thank you.