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Throughout Lent, the Church offers suggestions about what to do in response to the news that Christ has died our death for us and risen victorious from the grave. It does this by focusing our attention on our three most important relationships – with God, with our neighbors, and within ourselves. These are the three traditional disciplines of prayer, almsgiving, and fasting.

For prayer, consider attending weekday services at Saint Thomas, in addition to Sunday worship, or consider saying the Daily Office on your own at home. You might also consider attending the Holy Hour on Wednesdays at 11am. For almsgiving, consider not only financial ways of helping those in need around you, but also volunteering, or resolving to practice more kindness, neighborliness and hospitality in your life. Finally, for fasting, consider following the example of the saints, and fasting from sin of all types, including the sins of pride, envy and deceit.

However you practice Lent, we invite you to do so with the Body of Christ at Saint Thomas Church. More information is below.

Weekday Services throughout Lent

Saint Thomas offers at least one opportunity to worship every single day of the year. Some services are said and some are sung.

Among the offerings is Choral Evensong on many Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays beginning at 5:30pm, usually lasting about 45 minutes, and followed by a brief, said Mass.

In additional to choral services, Saint Thomas offers more than a dozen said services each week in the Chantry Chapel, which is located to the left side of the church after you enter the Fifth Avenue doors. On Mondays through Fridays, these services include Morning Prayer and Mass at 8am and a Mass at 12:10pm. On Mondays and Fridays, Evening Prayer and a Mass are said at 5:30pm in lieu of Choral Evensong. On Saturdays, there is a single celebration of the Eucharist at 12:10pm. See a list of all daily services.

Prayers are said at the shrine of Our Lady of Fifth Avenue each day at noon, immediately before the 12:10 Mass. To submit prayers, access the prayer request tab on this website or email us.

Holy Hour on Wednesdays at 11am

Each Wednesday during Lent, from 11am to 12pm, we offer an hour of guided prayer, meditations, and periods of silence before the Blessed Sacrament in the Resurrection Chapel. Consider staying on for the 12:10 Mass which follows in the Chantry Chapel.

Saturday Confessions

On Saturdays in Lent a priest is available in the Resurrection Chapel from 11am-12pm to hear confessions. The Resurrection Chapel is located to the right side of the High Altar, behind the gate. If a priest is meeting with someone when you arrive, simply wait in a pew near the gate. Alternatively, you may make an appointment with a priest for confession.

Healing Ministry

Our Tuesday 12:10pm masses include prayers for healing, the laying on of hands and anopinti9ng of the sick for those who desire it. Healing prayer and the laying on of hands by trained lay ministers and the anointing of the sick by a priest is also available after 11am services on Sundays.

Questions? Email us.