Rector's Reflections

Each month, Father Turner records an audio message which is a personal theological reflection on a particular topic. Sometimes it is about the season or festival being celebrated at Saint Thomas Church, sometimes a reflection on the life of the church in other parts of the world and at other times something that is in the news. These messages are posted here toward the end of each month and are archived on this page. Be sure to check this page and latest news for updates.

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Play The Rector's Reflection for December 2016

As Christmas approaches, Canon Turner reflects on the many contrasts found in the Christmas story, the Church’s Calendar of saints and even Saint Thomas Church situated on Fifth Avenue.

Play The Rector's Reflection for November 2016

As the nights draw in and the days shorten, Canon Turner reflects on the great feats of All Saints and All Souls, contrasting them with the masks of Halloween and two great Saints who struggled with their own sense of wearing masks.

Play The Rector's Reflection for October 2016

In his October reflection Canon Turner considers the busy lives we all lead and the importance of sometimes taking time to ‘pick up and throw away stones’ as suggested in the Book Ecclesiastes.

Play The Rector's Reflection for September 2016

With the arrival of Daniel Hyde as Organist and Director of Music a new era of music-making begins at Saint Thomas Church. Canon Turner is assisted by Dan in his September reflection by being interviewed by him and sharing music that has mattered to him throughout his life.

Play The Rector's Reflection for August 2016

Father Turner was in Europe just before the British Referendum on membership of the European Union. In the light of heightened tension and fear, Canon Turner explores the diversity of Europe and how communities must be built on mutual trust. He uses the 'four principles of interfaith dialogue’ adopted by the British Council of Churches as an example.

Play The Rector's Reflection for July 2016

As the summer hits the city, Canon Turner reflects on changes of staff at Saint Thomas Church and how new staff will bring diverse gifts and build on a strong foundation.

Play The Rector's Reflection for June 2016

Canon Turner reflects on a recent visit by the Baroness Hollins, Professor of Psychiatry for Learning Disability in the University of London and her project ‘Beyond Words’ which uses books with no words to empower people with learning difficulties and to encourage them to communicate and learn.

Play The Rector's Reflection for May 2016: 'The Psalms – placeholders of memory'

In his May reflection, Canon Turner shares a talk he is giving to the Choirmasters’ Conference entitled ‘The Psalms – placeholders of memory’ in which he reflects on these ancient songs and their place in telling a story. He also reflects on folk melodies from around the world and how music can convey a powerful message.

Play The Rector's Reflection for April 2016

Canon Turner reflects on the complexities of the Passion narrative and the importance of celebrating Easter in the midst of a broken and contradictory world.

Play The Rector's Reflection for March 2016 - ‘Music has changed me.’

Canon Turner reflects on the importance of the choir school in the life of the choristers and how, in turn, they are changed during this time at Saint Thomas Church. This month he has a conversation with two Grade 8 boys who leave the school in June.